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“10,000 Small Businesses is a wonderful program. It taught me a new way of looking at business and what drives business success. Revenues are up partially due to 10,000 Small Businesses and our staff has an understanding of what we do and stand for.”LBCC Cohort 3, Alan Burks, Environ Architecture’s design approved for AES Energy Storage Company by the City of Long Beach’s Planning Commission. Environ Architecture, Inc. provides the integrated practice of architecture, urban design, interior architecture, landscape and branding to commercial and industrial clients. In early 2017, Environ was approached by AES Corporation’s Director of Sustainability to come up with a façade design for its storage facility in Los Alamitos, California. Alan stated, “This will be the largest battery storage facility in the world, and once the new facility is up and running it will allow California Edison to reduce the capacity and the pollution of their generating stations in the Long Beach area.” On August 3, 2017, Environ’s proposed design was approved by the City of Long Beach’s Planning Commission. The proposed modernization will include air-cooled gas turbines, and three 300-megawatt battery buildings which can provide power for the entire City of Long Beach for up to four hours in the event of an emergency.

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